Welcome to Beyond Belief Life Coaching... whatever your reason for being here, I hope you enjoy your visit. You may be wondering about the name of my business, and since it is such a true reflection of my coaching philosophy, I feel an explanation is a good place to start. Obviously, there is the popular meaning, as in: wow, this is beyond belief!! I certainly hope you feel that way as you get to understand what is being offered here. And, there is the deeper meaning that sort of summarizes my approach to coaching: what sort of life exists beyond the limitations of your present belief structure? This will take a bit of explaining, and can really only be understood through direct experience... but, if you'd like to get a better feel for what it might mean for you, please continue reading my bio at the "Meet Your Coach" menu tab.

You may have noticed that this site is not very fancy and maybe even seems a little too "plain". This also reflects my personality: keep it simple and straightforward. I'm not a "bells and whistles" kind of guy, and I like to get to the point as efficiently and effectively as possible. Again, this is summed up in a more thorough way in my bio, and, as you get to know me, you'll find that it is the basis of my coaching style..

What else is there?

There are two distinct and separate areas to this site: the main area, where there is a general description of my business and what I offer as a coach, and the client area, which is accessible only to registered users.

The menu tabs at the top of the main area will bring you to pages that explain different aspects of what I'm offering. The Main and Meet Your Coach tabs are fairly self-explanatory. I highly recommend exploring the FAQ page... it should answer all your questions and explain (hopefully) everything you need to know about all the services offered here. Please do not click on any sidebar opt-ins until you've read the associated FAQ... I want to be sure you know what to expect BEFORE signing up for anything here.

The Newsletter tab brings you to an archive of past newsletters, and the Resources tab will bring you to all kinds of useful information that will assist you on your journey. The Register tab will take you to the registration form... again, this is explained in the FAQ. And, the Login is for registered users and brings you to the private (and secure) client area, and it's associated features.

That's pretty much it... feel free to explore the site. If you'd like to take the next step, or if you're just curious about what this is all about, hit the link for the complimentary coaching session so you can experience a sample of an actual coaching interaction... I promise you won't be disappointed!! I look forward to meeting you, soon.






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